How Does the Lineup Shake Up With Montero?

Manny Banuelos just got called up to Scranton, and according to various reports, he's not the only guy who's going to be moving in the coming weeks. Austin Romine and Dellin Betances could as well be on their way to AAA, but the biggest one of them all could be on his way to the Bronx quite soon. Yes, according to multiple sources, Jesus Montero is on the verge of a callup to the Yankees. This is only a couple months late, but better late than never. Cashman has made statements about the Montero rumors, but I'd be stunned if he isn't up within the next couple weeks. 

So assuming Montero finally gets his deserving callup to the big leagues, I'm wondering how it would shake up the Yankees lineup. Russell Martin can't hit for his life, but the team loves him and how he "handles the staff", so while he may lose playing time I doubt he loses his starting spot. Francisco Cervelli is doing fine as a backup and actually hitting better than Martin has over the last two months, and also hits well with runners on base. Additionally, his defense has been much improved over the last few months after forgetting how to throw the ball when he was playing every inning during May.

That leaves Jorge Posada. I love Jorge and everything he has done for this team. He's been one of the most productive catchers in Yankees history and he's a borderline hall of fame candidate. However, everything has changed this year, as aside from a 3 week hot streak Posada has been completely useless out of the DH spot. And he's the designated hitter, so he provides no defense at all. His line is ugly, and he's hurting the team. He's hurting the team probably more than Martin and Cervelli are. Just something to keep in mind.

When Montero comes, he needs to play. The Yankees need to insert him into the lineup and have him play 5 days a week. But how are they going to do that? Thats what I'm not exactly sure about yet.

Russell Martin is not losing a roster spot and in all likelihood is not losing his starting spot either. I'd assume Montero would be getting some starts behind the plate with a lot of ABs coming as a DH. So Martin is out of the equation for now. So right now, I see four possible options the Yankees can go with.

Option 1: Francisco Cervelli to AAA, Jesus Montero to the majors

This I think in all likelihood is what the Yankees go with. If this were to happen, I think when Martin catches, Montero would be the primary DH, and then when Martin needs a day off, Jesus Montero goes behind the plate and the Yankees make Chavez, Posada, or Jones the DH. 

Option 2: Andruw Jones DFA'd, Jesus Montero to the majors

This is another option that I actually sort of like, because it involves getting Andruw Jones off the roster. It allows Cervelli to stay on the roster as the backup catcher and Montero I would insert again as the primary DH. Martin catches, Montero is the DH, Posada is relegated to a bench role. When Montero is catching or has a day off, Posada can be a DH, but mostly Posada's role is reduced to a part-time DH only.

Option 3: Jorge Posada released, Jesus Montero to the majors

The report on CBSSports says that this is a possibility, but I find this unlikely. Posada has done so much for this franchise, and I don't think Cashman just dumps him. He may lose his starting spot, but I doubt he leaves the roster. You never know though. Under this condition, Montero becomes the full time DH, catches sometimes when Martin needs a day but for the most part is a DH. 

I actually like this idea as well. Posada has been useless this season. I seriously doubt they cut him in favor of Montero, but I care more about the Yankees winning a World Series than I do about Jorge Posada being happy. Posada's been great for the Yankees, but his career is probably over after this year anyways. 

Option 4: Nova/Hughes to the minors, Jesus Montero to the majors

When Nova got recalled to make his start, Chris Dickerson got sent down to Scranton which left them one position player short. Montero would bring that position player back up, with one of Nova or Hughes going down. Now I support Phil Hughes going to the minors if he doesn't get his shit together within the next couple of starts, but I don't think that should be the Yankees way of getting Montero up here. Montero I'd bring up for another position player, and then I'd send Hughes down and recall Dickerson or Golson to replace him. 

Those are the options I can come up with. If anybody has other ideas please share. It's Baby Jesus time. It's been Baby Jesus time for a couple months. If it were up to me, Martin would become the primary backup and Montero would become the full time starting catcher, but that isn't going to happen. So these are the options I could see the Yankees going with.

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