Some possible trades/players that would not make headlines but could win Titles

Obviously we all have heard about the Ubaldo Jiminez trade rumor but I don't think that trade is happening. That has gotten me to thinking about some players that could help us win a World Series this year but won't be for big name players. I feel that are needs are a fourth OF, a utility IF, and relief pitcher, and a catcher (since Jesus is not coming up anytime soon).

Potential 4th OF's

Melky Cabrera, OF, Kansas City Royals - Cabrera has had a phenomenal year for the Royals hitting at .295/.333/.453 with 11 HR's. The Royals are not making the playoffs and have some good young OF's so they might be willing to deal Melky. The Yankees could give up a mid-level pitching prospect for him. 

Carlos Lee, OF, Houston Astros - Lee is hitting pretty well at .268/.314/.422 and has 7HR. He is a much better version of Andruw Jones that is still a decent fielder and can also play 1B if Tex needs a day off. With the Astros way out of the race, I think one or two mid-level prospects would get him. 

Potential Utility IF's

Erick Aybar, SS, Los Angeles Angels - Aybar has had a very good season hitting at 285/.320/.437. He is also a good hitter and is capable of playing SS, 2B, and maybe 3B in a pinch. With A-Rod out for a month and Jeter getting older, Aybar might be worth giving up a mid-level prospect for. The problem is that the Angels are in the middle of a division race and might not want to give up a valuable piece to their puzzle. 

Potential Relief Pitchers

Leo Nunez, CL, FLorida Marlins - Nunez has been pretty good for the Marlins but the Marlins are probably looking to rebuild and might be willing to deal Nunez for a mid-level prospect plus a mop like Mitre or Pendleton. 

Carlos Marmol, RP, Chicago Cubs - Marmol is a strikeout pitcher with 52 K's in just 42.2 IP. He has an ERA at 3.80 and could help the bullpen out so we don't have to use MeatTray all the time. I think it would take a mid-level prospect plus a low-level prospect to get him but the Cubs could be looking to deal a few players as they try and rebuild. 

Grant Balfour, RP, Oakland Athletics - The A's are in last place in the AL West and could be looking to rebuild and trading Balfour for 2 mid-level prospects or one high-level prospect could help their process. Balfour has been awesome this year with a WHIP of 1.04, and ERA of 2.21 and a BAA of just .180. 

Potential Catcher

Brayan Pena, C, Kansas City Royals - Pena is a pretty good hitting catcher at .278/.325/.396 that could spell Russel Martin and give us an actual hitter behind the plate. It would probably not take much to get him, maybe a mid-level prospect of a couple low-level prospects. 

Ramon Hernandez, C, Cincinnati Reds - Hernandez has been hitting at a whopping .315/.369/.527 with 10 HR in 54 games. It might take a lot to get him but it could be worth it. He is capable of being an every day Catcher/DH. It might take one of our young catchers but since we have Montero, Romine, and Sanchez, dealing one might not be a huge deal. 

David Ross, C, Atlanta Braves - Ross is hitting at .294/.368/.515 in 24 games for the Braves this year. He has played in 23 games and could be a good backup catcher/DH/1B. It would probably take a mid-level prospect or maybe the Braves would take Cervelli and a low-level prospect. 

These are nine guys who I think could really help us in our chase for 28. The hardest to get would probably be Balfour, Hernandez, and Aybar but all of these players are attainable for the right package. Most of these guys would only take the mid-level prospects and we could spare the Killer B's, Montero, and a few of our other big name prospects. The two I want most are Balfour and Ross, who I think would provide the most bang for the buck. Who do you guys like and who are some other players you would like to see us try and trade for?

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