Girardi Should Go! (FJM edition)


Recently, we got to witness this wonderful fanpost! I was originally just going to comment on it, but I thought I would FJM it for funsies. Enjoy!


Watching this team has been yelling at the TV like a Mets fan.

Totally. The Yanks are such an embarrassment in last place.


Of course I'm not only mad at the players' inability of beingto be clutch, but also of Girardi's tactics.  I'm not the first to complain about Girardi so I'm probably highlighting the obvious but I need a place to vent. (tried to fix your typos, I can only do so much)

They should get David Eckstein, he could teach them how to REALLY be clutch. Then get Pedey to teach them heart.


This team looks old.  And while some players are long in the tooth (specifically ARod, Jeter, Posada), the following regulars (Grandy, Gardner, Cano, Swisher, Martin, Tex) are in their prime years of 27 - 32.  So, why does this team look so old?

They've recently started handing out hard candy to young fans? They haven't found Mo's anti-aging potion? They've been watching too many reruns of Dallas and M.A.S.H? Please, TELL ME!


The lack of aggressiveness on the base paths.

Wow, of all possibilities, I honestly didn't see this coming. I was going to go with the fact that many of their players are slumping, but yeah let's tackle this baserunning thingermadoo! Never mind the fact that the Yankees don't run much perhaps because, oh I don't know... THEY ARE a kind of old team and as a result don't move as well. The only people you can really justify stealing with on this team are Gardner, perhaps Granderson, and maybe Jeter on a good day. But I digress.


Yes, we are not blessed with enormous speed, but 10 steal attempts by Gardner in 38 games.  Crazy!

Yeah! Crazy! Maybe they aren't stealing with him as much BECAUSE he hasn't been very good at it this year (5/10). No need to potentially waste outs on the basepaths in front of power hitters if your top basestealer isn't getting good reads yet. Imagine that.


Granderson is 4.  Ugh!

Ugh, I know this is such a bummer. I hope this doesn't mean he's too young to play for the team now...


Also, whatever happened to the hit-and-run.  I do not see it.  The team is too stationery.

Whatever happened to predictability, the milk man, the paper boy, evening TV.. oh sorry. Contrary to popular belief, the hit-and-run is a risky play for this team since the team doesn't have many people who can run well, so it puts A LOT of pressure on the batter to make contact since the guy running will most likely get thrown out. It's one of the handicaps to having a slow team, but you can still win without many hit-and-runs.


But, personally, I would rather see players thrown out because players swing and miss because of aggressive play, then this stationery wait for the three-run homer.  Press the damn issue Girardi!

Personally, I would rather they not run into outs on the basepaths and as a result have more at bats to get on base with (which advances baserunners anyway). But hey, that's me. 


And what the heck was Girardi thinking about Posada last night!  Batting 9th! 

Yeah! What the hell is the deal with batting your worst-slumping hitter last in the lineup to take the pressure off him! They should totally put him in the middle of the lineup. God knows that 6 hole needs someone with an OBP under .300 there.


If anything, I would have rather seen Posada CATCHING a game and keep him in his batting slot and make Martin the DH.

Totally! Let's put the better defensive catcher at DH and the guy who's abysmal at catching behind the plate! Brilliant!





Give the guy a damn bone!  I mean would it kill the Yankees if Posada caught once a week?  It gives him something to look forward to and probably brings his head back to the game somewhat. 

Well, they did decide that all those years behind the plate have resulted in too many concussions and that it would be a detriment to his future health to risk putting him out there for even one game... but HEY! What do doctors know... It's not like his future health is worth sacrificing just so they can put crappy defense out there and be self-esteem boosters! If Posada is really going to the ballpark not looking forward to anything, then he should be at home with the kids, not playing major league baseball. 


Instead Girardi bats him 9th.  I feel like this move alone should be the reason for Girardi's firing and bring in a fiery manager like Bobby Valentine.

Ah, we end with a glorious idea. Fire Girardi just because he batted Posada 9th and replace him with a total idiot who hasn't had a major league job since 2002 and was rejected by the Indians, Marlins, and several other teams in job interviews. He is clearly the man for the job! Get this intellectual away from his shelter at ESPN and in the Yankee dugout! Can't spell Bobby V without a V for victory!



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