FYR - First Yankees Run NYY vs MIN 7:05PM

This is a new, fan interactive way to have some fun on this site.  Please make sure you read through the rules and follow them accordingly.  I will be doing this for every game to create some more excitement on the board.


First Yankees Run is essentially a guessing game where everyone on this website can post who they think will score the first run.  Everyone is given 1 guess.  The guess must be posted by the start time of the game.  Any guess posted after the start time of the game will be considered invalid.  The guess must include the following information in this format:



Cano (3rd, 1 Out, Jeter).  In this case, Cano was on base, it was the third inning, there was 1 out on the board, and Jeter could have hit a home run, gotten a walk, gotten a triple, etc to receive the RBI.

Cano (2nd, 0 Outs, Cano).  In this case Cano hit a solo home run.


Note - If A-Rod hits a home run but Granderson was on 3rd base - Granderson scored first.  The winner would be whoever selected Granderson, not A-Rod.


Now you may be asking, where do I post my guess ...please post them within this fan shot and follow these 2 simple rules.

1). Please keep all debate out of this fan shot to help me make it easier to find the winner once a run is scored.

2). If someone has posted the scorer you were going to choose you can still use that scorer, but please reply to your scorer's thread.  Example - if I post Cano (2nd, 0, Cano) and you want to post Cano (3rd, 1 Jeter), please reply your guess to mine because we both chose Cano as the scorer.  This way it will be easy to target the correct winner quickly and efficiently.


The whole point of this is to have some fun so make sure you post your FYR for every game.  Maybe I will give the winner a prize in the end if involvement is high.

If you have any questions, please ask them under the questions thread in this fan shot.


Thanks and enjoy!

FanPosts are user-created content and do not necessarily reflect the views of the writing staff of Pinstripe Alley or SB Nation.

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