Joe Girardi's Binder

There has been much talk on PSA recently on Joe Girardi's "binder", the thing he uses to help him make decisions during games. I'm sure it's a very detailed book, so I decided to write down what probably is just the outline of his incredibly detailed binder and have some fun with it. I'm sure there's stuff I can add to it since I definitely missed some things. I tried to write down the tendencies he has as manager here, which he clearly gets from his beloved binder.


Section One: Starting Pitchers

1.1: Roles


  1. CC Sabathia
  2. A.J. Burnett
  3. Phil Hughes
  4. Ivan Nova
  5. Freddy Garcia

Currently, the rotation is...


  1. CC Sabathia
  2. A.J. Burnett
  3. Freddy Garcia
  4. Bartolo Colon
  5. Ivan Nova



1.2: Complete Games

Under NO Circumstance is a starting pitcher allowed to pitch a complete game due to the strength and roles of the members of our bullpen. They must not be sent out for the ninth inning if...


  • They are anywhere close to the sacred 100 pitch mark
  • They had a long wait from the eighth and ninth inning
  • Their name is not Carsten Charles
  • EXCEPTION: Perfect Game/No hitter in tact


1.3: General Length of Games

Only CC Sabathia is allowed to pitch passed the seventh inning except during rare circumstances. Note that the seventh inning guy, eighth inning guy, ninth inning guy and various matchups are far more reliable than a starter facing a lineup for the 2nd and 3rd time.


  • CC Sabathia: Limit is 8 innings
  • AJ Burnett: Limit is 7 innings at most (headcase, cannot go longer, my sources have confirmed)
  • Freddy Garcia: Limit is 6 innings. Does not matter how well he is pitching. Seventh inning guy more reliable.
  • Ivan Nova: Limit is 5 innings, prone to implosion.
  • Bartolo Colon: Limit is 6 innings, too fat to go longer. Needs to be fed more regularly remain effective.


1.4: Notes for Each Starter


  • CC Sabathia: Ace of staff, can go deep into games. Currently on diet, although still extremely fat. Must be fed regularly. Keep Captain Crunch out of sight. (Note: Do NOT put him in the same room as Bartolo Colon if the room contains food. Could get ugly very quickly).
  • AJ Burnett: Number 2 starter, nasty stuff. Great guy. Also a headcase, according to various sources, one of which is the Bleacher Report. In order to keep him happy, make sure he keeps picture and or/ baseball card of Jose Molina under his pillow every night. 
  • Bartolo Colon: Fatter than Sabathia- could be dangerous when deprived of food. Strike throwing machine. Ace of spring training.
  • Freddy Garcia: Finesse Right Hander, turned from an uncomfortable 0-4 to a comfortable 0-4 as the years went on, according to baseball genius Michael Kay.
  • Ivan Nova: Cannot pitch passed 5th inning due to self implosions. Can't pitch out of stretch. Dominates early innings. 


1.5: Notes to Self on Starting PItching


  • I really miss Sergio MItre and Chad Gaudin. Self Goal: Get them back in pinstripes by ASB.


Section Two: The Bullpen

2.1: The Roles



2.2: Matchups


  • In the middle innings, matchups and numbers are ALWAYS more reliable than current pitchers performance.
  • Again, in the middle innings, lefty on lefty is ALWAYS more reliable than righty on lefty. Boone Logan MUST pitch vs. left handed batters.
  • In ANY relatively close game, the seventh, eighth and ninth innings belongs to Joba Chamberlain, Rafael Soriano and Mariano Rivera respectively, regardless of the starting pitchers current performance. Those innings belong to those pitchers- matchups out the window.


2.3: Rest Days


  • Relievers cannot pitch 3 days in a row
  • Mariano Rivera can NOT pitch more than 1 inning except in rare situations and postseason
  • THE JOBA RULES (needs no explanation)


2.4: Use of the Closer


  • Mariano pitches the ninth inning
  • Mariano is used in any tie game at home at the top of the ninth
  • Mariano does not pitch more than one inning except in rare situations and postseason
  • Mariano does NOT pitch in extra innings on the road UNLESS it is a save situation, regardless of any jam the current reliever may be in.


2.5: Reliever notes and clarifications


  • Joba Chamberlain pitches the seventh inning, because he is the seventh inning guy. Fattest relief pitcher (could drop to second when Phil Hughes returns to rotation, Colon returns to pen). Belongs in the bullpen because a) He throws harder in the pen (according to sports genius Mike Francesa), b) He lost a spring training competition, which means he sucks as a starter.
  • Rafael Soriano pitches the eighth inning, because he is the eighth inning guy. Hard thrower, possible closer in three years.
  • David Robertson: Middle Reliever, also Houdini. Constantly gets himself into and out of jams. Strikeout pitcher. Throws harder this year. Must warm up at least once per game. Does NOT mean he will come in, but he needs to warm up and throw.
  • Boone Logan: Left handed specialist. Must pitch against lefties in middle innings. No excuses. EXCEPTION: Hideki Matsui is up to bat. Jeter would never let me do it.
  • Mariano Rivera: Greatest Reliever of All-Time. Nothing more needs to be said.

Section Three: The Lineup



3.1: Roles



3.2: Lineup


  • There must be a different lineup for lefties and righties (Jones Vs. lefties, Gardner Vs. Righties).
  • Derek Jeter was signed to be a top of the order guy, so thats where he hits regardless of his performance.
  • Brett Gardner hits at the top due to his high 2010 OBP
  • The Centaur bats cleanup. When he is unavailable, Cano bats cleanup.

3.3: Personal Catchers



  • Note: Always tell the media that I am not a fan of personal catchers, but I will use them anyways.
  • AJ Burnett will need a personal catcher at some point.
  • Gustavo Molina will not be a personal catcher to ANYONE because a) Russell Martin is ironman and b) Gustavo is AWFUL


3.4: Bunting


  • Pitchers always bunt in the NL with a runner on 1st or second and less than two outs.
  • In the late innings of any game when one run is needed, anybody not in the heart of the order is supposed to bunt. That INCLUDES Nick Swisher.
  • Bunts are crucial to a teams success
  • Brett Gardner must bunt for hits this year


3.5: Other Lineup Notes


  • Brett Gardner: Fastest player in the league. Must learn how to bunt since bunting is crucial, according to Section 3.4. Recently hit just a "beautiful" home run.
  • Derek Jeter: Approaching 3000 hits, Yankee legend. Also ground ball and DP machine. Captain Clutch
  • Mark Teixeira: Also known as Mark Douche. Notoriously slow starter , MVP candidate, Vacuum at 1B. Reportedly not a fan of UZR.
  • Alex Rodriguez: MVP Candidate, future HOF and one of the best players in baseball. Also a mythical Centaur, get any women he wants. Known as A-Rod or Al. Likes popcorn.
  • Robinson Cano: Former Bases Empty MVP, now just MVP. Future MVP and Batting Title Champion according to former ESPN announcer Joe Morgan.
  • Jorge Posada: Great Yankee catcher, successor to Yankee great Joe Girardi. Can no longer catch due to health issues and awful defensive skills behind the plate. Turning into Mark Reynolds, where he either strikes out or hits a home run.
  • Nick Swisher: Fun lover. Leads the league in fun.
  • Curtis Granderson: Different player than the one we traded for. K-Long taught him how to hit, and now he's an All-Star candidate.
  • Russell Martin: Exceeding everyone's expectations except mine (because obviously I knew he would hit like this). Great defender. Has power with the bat. Complete badass. May actually be Ray Liotta and/or Shoeless Joe Jackson.

Section 4: Bench


4.1: Roles



4.2: Use of Bench


  • Eduardo Nunez pinch runs for the following players in closer games late: Mark Teixeira, Jorge Posada, Nick Swisher. 
  • Gustavo Molina will NEVER see the field in a Yankee uniform again.
  • Cervelli will catch from time to time when he returns, on day game after night game, and sometimes for A.J. Burnett
  • Eric Chavez plays 3B when the Centaur has other things that needs his attention or is out
  • Andruw Jones does not play vs. RHP


4.3: A Reiteration of the catching


  • Gustavo Molina will NEVER see the field in a Yankee uniform again.

Section Five: Goals for Season




  • Get Chad Gaudin and Sergio Mitre back in pinstripes.
  • Win 28th World Championship, and then steal Rafael Soriano's #29 for next season

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