29 Trades for 29 Teams: Miami Marlins

Blockbuster Trade!!!

The Miami Marlins as we all know by now, went HAM during the Winter Meetings. Their farm system is somewhat less than ideal after the graduations of Logan Morrison, Michael Stanton, Gaby Sanchez and more recently, 3B Matt Dominguez. This team is being built to win now more than anything after those big free agent acquisitions and we're more focused on the future. These two teams match up relatively well in terms of need and wants. Much thanks to the Marlins SBN fanbase, Fish Stripes for helping me out. It's a blockbuster! The trade and breakdown is after the jump. JUMP!!

Yankees get: SP Ricky Nolasco, 3B Matt Dominguez, OF Chris Coghlan, UTIL Omar Infante, SP Jose Fernandez

Marlins get: OF Brett Gardner, C Francisco Cervelli, UTIL Ed Nunez, SP Dellin Betances, and SP Hector Noesi

The Marlins side:

They get their dream center fielder in Gardner as the headline after trading Cameron Maybin to the Padres for spare parts. The Marlins are relatively weak where we are strong: Catcher so Cervelli fits the bill here and he can slot in behind their starter John Buck (a name we should be familiar with, during his Jays days). Nunez will essentially replace what Infante did. Betances and Noesi will ease their heartache of losing Sanchez and Fernandez. It also provides them with depth for the AAA club.

The Yankees side:

Well, we lose our dynamo on the bases, Gardner and one of the Killer B's but gain key pieces back for now and the future (the post 2013 "salary dump" era). Another positive is that we still keep some of our major big name prospects.

SP Ricky Nolasco - 29 years old RHP 6'2 230 lbs

We get a solid #3 starter to slot in behind the stud CC Sabathia, and 2011 revelation, Ivan Nova. Nolasco had an up and down year in 2011. He has consistently put up good K and BB rates but the ERA is a problem area coming in at the low to mid 4s. The cause of this is the fact that he has issues with runners on base. Given the Marlins' less than stellar offense, it was a struggle for sure. Now equipped with the powerful Bronx Bomber's offense, it shouldn't be a big problem. All his flaws are easily correctable with the right amount of coaching.

3B Matt Dominguez - 22 years old, 6'1 205 lbs, Drafted in 2007 (12th overall) Throws/Bats: R/R

The Marlins' slick fielding 3B of the future, Dominguez is one of their top prospects still in the system. I see him as a potential replacement for AROD at 3rd when the time comes. Dominguez's road to the majors is blocked by Hanley Ramirez and new signing Jose Reyes. He briefly got his cup of coffee in the majors last year, not showing much. MD's hitting skills leave a bit to be desired but it's nothing that our hitting coaches can fix along with more time to marinate at the AAA level.

OF Chris Coghlan - 26 years old, 6'0 205 lbs, Drafted in 2006 (36th overall) T/B: R/L

Chris Coghlan is part of a great young OF trio that consists of Logan Morrison, CC, and Michael Stanton. Originally a LF by trade, he was pushed into CF when Maybin left plus LF Morrison and RF Stanton got promoted. He also played a little at second. The good part of that is he can move around when asked to and won't embarass himself defensively. Coghlan is basically BG without the press due to the high profile names flanking him in Miami. CC has a career .283 average along with a .764 OPS. He replaces Gardner in LF.

UTIL Omar Infante - 30 years old, 6'0 180 lbs, International signing, T/B: R/R

The ultimate utility man who has played almost every position except pitcher it seems. He's a more talented player than Nunez is and more experienced as well. Infante will allow Girardi to shorten his bench a little due to his versatility. I think he will allow the Yankees to remember the super bench star of 2009, Jerry Hairston, Jr fondly. Infante also has a cheap contract.

SP Jose Fernandez - 19 years old 6'3 215 RHP, Drafted in 2011 (14th overall)

The Cuban defector was drafted in 2011 out of high school. He's a big boy right handed pitcher that has a 4 pitch arsenal he can go to: mid 90s fastball, changeup, curveball, and a slider. At only 19 years old, he will essentially replace Warren in the system. He has a high ceiling as well. There's absolutely zero chance that he sniffs AAA SWB to start with. We will bring him along very slowly pending his development progress.


We got an impressive haul for what we gave up. It fits our philosophy of maintaining the present while reloading for the future. The Yankees also kept most of our big gun prospects. Fortunately for us, we have pitching depth for a change and won't blink twice at losing both Noesi and Betances.


1. Derek Jeter SS

2. Curtis Granderson CF

3. Robinson Cano 2B

4. Alex Rodriguez 3B

5. Mark Teixeira 1B

6. Nick Swisher RF

7. Chris Coghlan LF

8. Jesus "insert name here" Montero DH

9. Russell Martin C


1. CC

2. Ivan Nova

3.Ricky Nolasco

4. AJ Burnett

5. Banuelos/Garcia/Colon winner

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