29 Trades for 29 Teams: New York Mets

Mets trade: Jon Niese

Yankees trade: Eduardo Nunez, Austin Romine, Hector Noesi / David Phelps


Yankees trade: Dellin Betances, Eduardo Nunez

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Okay, as we all know the New York Mets are pretty much looking at 2-3 years of either 4th or 5th place in the NL East and anything higher is optimistic thinking at this point for the Amazins. Judging by what we've seen from the Mets front office this offseason, no one is off the table when it comes to who the Mets will or won't give up. Using that assumption, it is safe to say that most likely David Wright will be traded sometime in the near future for younger players & prospects the Mets can use to build a team, since they most likely will not be able to keep Wright.

Now there have been trade rumors this offseason about the Mets unloading Niese, which could be just pure speculation or Sandy wanting to open up some ideas to other teams about what they are willing to give up for him. Again, this is all speculation at this point but assuming that Niese is on the trading block, I think he would be a valuable asset to the Yankees.

Now, since I'm not a stats experts, or stexpert, or sexpot, I'm basically going by my usual line of sight analysis, so please feel free to statistically prove me wrong or point out why I'd be an awful GM. Niese is still fairly young and his stuff reminds me a bit of what I see from Gio, just without the insane asking price for him. I think a lot of his current pitching issues come from the fact that I, and quite a few Mets fans I know, think Dan Warthen is a pretty terrible pitching coach, and I believe Larry would better help Niese realize his true potential on the Yankees.

Due to his potential and the fact that he's young and under team control till 2016, the Mets would most likely want to keep him. However, with the Mets current situation, with or without him they are most likely not going to truly compete in that strong of a division for quite some time, or at least until the Marlins are forced to unload all those insane contracts. So, they are going to want either equal parts for Niese or a quality prospect. This is why I've proposed two trades.

Trade 1, Nunez, Romine, and Noesi, would give the Mets three major league players in 3 spots they need help in currently, plus they are young enough and cheap enough where the Mets could afford to keep them if they work out.

-Nunez, as of now, is a somewhat decent utility infielder who would either eventually replace Wright at third base when he's traded or he could replace Reyes at SS if Ruben Tejada does not work out. I think with enough time he could actually learn one position well enough, but I think his main asset to the Mets would be his bat in Citi Field. Nunez hit extremely well their last year, and I think his speed and the type of hitter he is would shine in the Citi of Fields. Plus, he sadly doesn't really have a place on the Yankees outside of backup infielder, which we could essentially get from this Japanese guy or anywhere else really.

-Romine is another Yankees prospect who really has no place on this team in the foreseeable future, barring serious injury to Montero. The Yankees will most likely sign Martin to a 3 year deal, in which Montero will be his backup which leaves little place for Romine. However, Thole has not been working out for the Mets at all really and I think Romine would be a great fit for the Mets staff and Citi Field. Romine is not really a power hitter, but Citi Field is not really a power hitter's ballpark anyway and I think his offense would be a lot better than what Thole & his backup are offering the Mets now.

-Noesi & Phelps have the potential to be good starters, but with ManBan coming up eventually and the Yankees habit of going out and signing a somewhat big name starter, I don't really know if they have a place on this team in the near future outside of long-man relief, but the Mets would need a pitching replacement for Niese and with NL rules and such they could provide the Amazins with exactly what they need. Normally I don't think the Mets would take either Noesi or Phelps over a pitcher with as much potential as Niese, but considering that they need help at other positions, they might very well do it.

As for Trade 2, Betances & Nunez, I already stated why I think Nunez would be a good fit for the Mets, but if they want a good prospect I think Betances would be the way to go. Again, Man-Ban is untouchable and judging from what I've seen he's not worth Niese in the slightest. However, Betances very well might be if you want to make a fair deal/trade for Niese. Betances isn't quite ML ready yet, but again the Mets aren't quite ML ready yet at this point, so they would have time to work on Betances mechanics just like we need too. But he's still a top, big name prospect which is one of the things the Mets really need right now, and it might very well be worth Niese to get him.

I believe both of these trades are fair and pretty much benefit both teams. I'm basing the main idea of the trade on a few details.

1. The fact that for the time being the Mets are stuck with Bay & Santana's contracts. If Santana comes back from his surgery without pulling a Wang, I think the Mets could potentially dump his contract off for a PTBNL, potentially to us. Bay.....yeah, no hope there.

2. David Wright is most likely gone in the near future, and I don't know if they'll get enough of what they need from trading him.

3. Pelfrey would be a better trade option for the Mets if he didn't have such a terrible season or at least showed some sign that he could get better in the near future. Again, it could just be that Warthen is an awful pitching coach, but I don't know. Big Pelf just does not really impress me the way Niese does.

So there you have it. What do you think of my NY, NY proposal?

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