29 Trades For 29 Teams: Chicago Cubs

Yankees Acquire: Matt Garza

Cubs Acquire: Dellin Betances, Ausin Romine, David Phelps, & Chris Dickerson

I think that this would be a good trade, because the Yankees recieve a good 28 year old pitcher that has already pitched well in the AL East. Garza is a dependable #2 guy, but he would have to win the #2 spot over Nova. So, #2-3 would be his position in the rotation. The Cubs recieve young talent who are soon to become good players. The Cubs have a thin farm system, so adding Betances, Romine & Phelps to the system would be a good boost, and soon, they would be seen in the majors. Dickerson is an OF that you can put in the OF that has a lot of speed, so you are sure that he is always near the ball when hit to him.


*Matt Garza* has spent 6 seasons in the majors, & his last 3 years were well. 2009-2010 were with the Rays, and 2011 was with the Cubs. 2009- Garza went 8-12 w/ a 3.95ERA in 203.0IP. 2010- Garza went 15-10 w/ a 3.91ERA in 204.2IP & had 3 complete games. 2011- Garza went 10-10 w/ a 3.32ERA in 198.0IP & had 2 complete games. His ERA has dropped from 09-11, so if he's a Yankee, lets hope it keeps going down.

*Chris Dickerson* has spent 4 seasons in the majors, & here are his last 3 years. In 09-10, he was with the Reds, in 10, he was with the Brewers also, and in 2011, he was a Yankee. In 09, he had a .275BA with 2HR's & 15RBI's in 97 games. In 10, he had a .206BA with 0HR's & 5RBI's in 45 games. & finally in 2011, Dickerson had a .260BA w/1HR & 7RBI's in 60 games. He is a LF who is fast, and is 29 years old. He would be a good fit the the Cubs because they have spots in the OF open w/ Reed being a FA, Byrd coming off an injury season, Fukudome being traded to the Indians, and Covin was traded to the Rockies a week ago for Ian Stewart.

*Austin Romine* is new to the major leagues. Not a lot of experience, so I will give you his Spring Training stats. His last 2 years was where he got most of his time (out of 3 played), where in 2010, he had a .214BA w/ 0HR's & 1 RBI in 10 games. In 2011, Romine had a .217BA w/ 2HR's & 2RBI's (which came off of the HR's) in 15 games played.

*Dellin Betances* hasn't spent a lot of time in the majors or in Spring Training, so I will give you his Spring Training & 2011 Reg. Season stats. In ST Betances went 0-1 w/ a 6.00ERA & 6IP in 4 games (0 were started). In the majors, Betances went 0-0 w/ a 6.75ERA & 2.2IP in 2 games (1 started).

Lastly, *David Phelps*. I believe that he had surgery on his arm (Tommy John Surgery?), but I am not sure. He has no major league experience, so this is his 2011 (only) Spring Training stats. Phelps was 1-1 w/ a 10.50ERA & 6IP in 4 games (0 started).

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