Introducing 29 Trades For 29 Teams

Camden Chat is doing something awesome right now, and it's called 29 Trades for 29 Teams. I spoke with Stacey from Camden Chat, and she said we should try it out as well.

The idea of 29 Trades for 29 Teams is that each team is represented by one user. The user picks a team, and makes a trade between the Yankees and the users team.

For example, let's say I choose the Chicago White Sox. I would write a fanpost titled "29 Trades For 29 Teams: Chicago White Sox" and in the fanpost would write the trade between the two teams, why I believe it is fair, etc.

Here is Camden Chat's chart of all the trades users have made so far.

Here is a fanpost example from Camden Chat.

Here is the introduction post from Camden Chat for more information.

I think this is a fun activity, but we need you to get involved.

There are only a few ground rules.

-Make the trades fair. No "Jacoby Ellsbury for Chris Dickerson" fanposts, please. For some things to consider when considering trades, check out Frank's Trade Value Primer.

-One team per user. If someone took your team, pick a different team!

-Title the fanpost "29 Trades For 29 Teams: Your Team Name"

So, if you are interested, please comment below which team you would like to take. You can write the fanpost when you want to, but please, if you pick a team write the fanpost. Not fair to others if you don't write it.

Hope you all get involved, and can't wait to see the trades!

Boston Red Sox - JAAJ

Baltimore Orioles -

Toronto Blue Jays - DCYanks21

Tampa Bay Rays - YankeesJets

Chicago White Sox - dasox313

Cleveland Indians - greatscott723

Detroit Tigers - nyyrocks29

Minnesota Twins - Let's Talk About Tex Baby

Kansas City Royals -

Los Angeles Angels - jscape2000

Texas Rangers - Dr. Copp

Seattle Mariners -

Oakland Athletics - Brandon C.

Philadelphia Phillies - ScoobySnacks

New York Mets - I'mGivingYouARaise

Washington Nationals -Chairman Meow

Atlanta Braves - Super Nova Is My Hero

Miami Marlins - nolesbroncos3456

Houston Astros - Kyle Barnhart

Chicago Cubs - yankeesfan1325*

St. Louis Cardinals - ntrokel

Cincinnati Reds - Let's Talk About Tex Baby

Milwaukee Brewers - lololol

Pittsburgh Pirates -

Arizona Diamondbacks-

San Francisco Giants - King Henrik

Los Angeles Dodgers - Xavier10

Colorado Rockies - jetanumba2

San Diego Padres -

Please remember you are making a fanpost, NOT writing your trade in the comments.

FanPosts are user-created content and do not necessarily reflect the views of the writing staff of Pinstripe Alley or SB Nation.

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