Heeding Barndon's Call: A Fanpost of Recipes and Restaurants

Yesterday's open thread contained a great discussion of recipes and restaurant recommendations, but most of it happened at the right margin and was a bit hard to follow. At the risk of boring everyone, and in response to Barndon's requests for new fanposts in the same thread, I'm going to suggest a few places I like in NYC, and invite everyone interested to do the same. There were some discussions of favorite dishes too, and some surprisingly good chefs... so if you have a recipe to share or are looking for one, that would be great too.

Once a year or so someone comes along looking for advice for food around the Stadium or in NYC; if this works it might be a good resource to link to in the future. Or it'll be crap, and a moderator can delete it. Either way.

I'll start by noting that I don't live in NY any more, but have visited frequently the past few years and can share a few places I've been and enjoyed multiple times. For these, and all recommendations you see here, make sure the place is still open before you set out to find it... lots of turnover especially in Manhattan.

Koreatown: Kunjip, W. 32nd between Broadway and Fifth. Nowadays Kunjip is my favorite place to eat in NY. It's a little pricey, but note that the price for dishes includes banchan, which are the little dishes of radishes, kim chee, and other appetizer-type things which are almost a meal in themselves. It can be crowded (come on, it's Midtown) but note that it's open 24 hours, so it's ideal for before or after a Yankee game if you have the time; the downtown D will drop you at Herald Square just around the corner. It's also perfect if you are going to the Empire State Building (not bad for a quickie tour of Manhattan if you have a few hours before a game).

Hell's Kitchen: Poseidon Bakery, 9th Ave. between 44th and 45th. When I lived in NY in the 90s there were still some awesome family-run Greek restaurants in Manhattan. I think those are a thing of the past, unfortunately, but this place is still alive and well, still family-run and still unbelievable. Really more for spanakopita or baklava and so on, but they do sell some other stuff for takeout so you might be able to make a picnic of it. Well worth a trip to the west side for a treat, though.

West Village: Gaetana's Cucina Italiana, 143 Christopher Street at Greenwich. This is a weird kind of recommendation, since I don't think the food is anything to write home about. I can recommend the desserts which seemed to be homemade (don't order tiramisu etc., see what they say is fresh), in particular an awesome ricotta cheesecake with a bit of lemon that reminded me of Amalfi. Anyway, the real recommendation here is as a place to catch a Yankees game if you don't have tickets. There are a lot of regulars at the bar, but it's a pretty casual place and they're pretty welcoming to Yankee fans. It's really nice on a warm night, windows open along the street, oddballs streaming to and from the riverwalk and PATH station.

Greenwich Village: Now I'm just mad. I was all set to rave about Yatagan, on MacDougal between W. 3rd and Bleecker. Crowded, grungy, cheap as anything and great falafels/gyros (doner kebab to these Turkish folk), just great. While googling for a decent link I found this tragic posting. Maybe this new gleamy stainless steel place with the fancy "Turkiss" sign will be good, but I don't hold out a lot of hope. Try Mamoun's, if that's still around and can withstand the tide of money washing away our precious natural resources of crumbling dumpy restaurants.

My only recommendation around the Stadium was Feeding Tree, a great Jamaican place that closed a couple years back. They seem to have opened another location farther east across the Grand Concourse, or maybe reopened the original on Gerard next to the Stadium but I can't really figure it out from yelp and its reviews. Unless the service is a lot faster than it used to be I don't know that walking to 163rd and 3rd Ave is worth it. I'd love a better recommendation.

I'm afraid to look up other places that might be closed, so I'll leave you with this recipe for acquacotta from David Rocco. The name means "cooked water" in Italian, and it's a simple vegetable soup, starting with onion and garlic and fresh or dried chile sauteed in olive oil, with a few vegetables including some greens, and nothing but water to finish.

And finally, a mystery from the other thread...

Every time we are in the city we go to this restaurant in Little Italy that my dad loves. I don’t even know the name, but they have like red and white plastic tablecloths on all the tables and stuff. It’s not fancy at all, but it’s delicious.

by WhatwouldJeterdo on Dec 13, 2011 8:08 PM PST up reply actions

Inquiring minds want to know!

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