Yankees Stadium- Upcoming Offseason Fun (My Idea)

The other day my friend and I were talking about the 2012 NHL Winter Classic and the Pinstripe Bowl.  We would love to have the Winter Classic at Yankees Stadium, but we still don't get the point of the Pinstripe Bowl.  Don't get me wrong, it's a cool idea, but in the area we live in, and the fact that we are the Yankees organization, we could do so much better.  

During our conversation, I came up with an idea on how we can get the House that Jeter Built alive and kicking after the playoffs.  Some people liked it, others did not.  Here is what I came up with...



Thanksgiving Weekend Football: Notre Dame Fighting Irish vs. Penn State Nittiany Lions with a concert to kick it off.

One Day Concert only (suggested bands and openings) 

1- Foo Fighters with Rise Against and Social Distortion (all been on tour together, will draw a packed house)

2- Linkin Park with Pendulum, Three Days Grace, and Evanescence (similar in music, according to  For those who have never heard of Pendulum, here's the link to get their music- Saw them live, they were awesome!

3- Bring back the Big 4 Concert with Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeath

4- Paul McCartney and Ringo Star and the All-Star Band

The concert will be on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and the game on the Friday after.

In our area, when it comes to college football, everyone is devoted to either Notre Dame or Penn State.  At my college, since we don't have a football team, those who do follow college sports are devoted to one or the other.  Me personally- IRISH #1 baby!  Screw what people say!  The old Yankees Stadium used to host ND games, which drew heavy crowds.  Penn State has one of the biggest followings in all of college sports, even bigger than most professional sports.  We take tradition and popularity and put them all in the same house, one-on-one.  That is major network worthy.  Just don't bring your kids near the Penn State locker room.



NHL Winter Classic: Original Six Matchup- Rangers vs. Maple Leafs with minor league, college, and heritage games

December 28- NCAA Hockey: Harvard vs. Cornell (huge rivalry) Broadcasted on YES Network

December 30- AHL: CT Whale (NYR) vs. Toronto Marlies (TOR) Broadcasted on MSG+ or YES Network

December 31- Heritage Game: Rangers HOF vs. Maple Leafs HOF.  Could be any retired players. Broadcast!

January 1- NHL Winter Classic: Rangers vs, Maple Leafs on NBC of course

Rangers need to host one!  Maple Leafs of the Original Six have not played in an outdoor game yet!



Yankees Old Timers Christen New Season at Yankees Stadium

During the month of March while Spring Training is underway, the Yankees Old Timers will play exhibition match ups against the Old Timers of other teams. They will play five games, which might encourage those teams to do the same thing.  "Which Old Timers still have it?"  can be a marketing slogan.  "Can't make it down to Florida?  Come to Yankees Stadium instead!" can also be another one.

Yankees vs. Red Sox (of course)

Yankees vs. Phillies (heavy interest)

Yankees vs. Mets (could lead to a home-and-home series)

Yankees vs. Orioles (like to see Cal Ripken, Jr., also the kid who interfered with that catch in the playoffs back in '96 throw out the ceremonial first pitch)

Yankees vs. Braves (rematch of all of those World Series)

Will include autograph session from both teams prior to and after the game (scheduled of course).

Rosters can always change.


What do you guys think?


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