2011 Awards Predictions

With the World Series over and with while to wait before the hot stove league really kicks into full force, MLB will try to entertain us by giving out their yearly awards stretched out over a ridiculously long period of time. I'd love it if they did it all on one night at some sort of awards show the way the NHL does now.

Anyway, here's who probably will win and who should win:

AL Manager of the year

Will Win: Joe Maddon. They'll give it to him for the way they came back to catch the Red Sox.

Should Win Same.

NL Manager of the year

Will Win: Tony LaRussa. For the same reason as Maddon and also for getting his team to the playoffs without its ace.

Should Win: Kirk Gibson. I'm biased because I was a big fan of his as a player. Nobody really picked the D-Backs to finish over .500 let alone win 94 games. He got better performances than expected from his starters, but still they dominated a mediocre division.

AL Rookie of the year

Will Win: Jeremy Hellickson. He got his ERA under 3.00 at the end of the year which virtually guarantees him the award. He also had a strong 1.15 WHIP which voters will recognize.

Should Win: Same. I'd love for it to go to Ivan Nova, and the case can be made in that he had a better FIP than Hellickson did. However, Hellickson's lights out September as the Rays were reaching for the playoffs clinches it for him.

NL Rookie of the Year

Will Win: Craig Kimbrel. I don't think I remember a rookie closer having a better season. 46 saves and a Robertson-esque 14.8 K:9 make him a shoe-in. He faltered toward the end of the year, but only due to blatant overuse.

Should Wn: Same.

AL Cy Young

Will Win: Justin Verlander. Not much to argue with here.

Should Win: Same.

NL Cy Young

Will Win: Clayton Kershaw. Same as Verlander. Not much to argue with.

Should Win: Same.


Will Win: Justin Verlander. From what writers have been chirping this year, it seems like they really want to give it to a pitcher. I guess this would be the year to do it, since he did tie for the league lead in WAR. However, with Miguel Cabrera hanging around you could argue that he wasn't the MVP of his team.

Should Win: Jose Bautista. Tied for the league lead in WAR, led the league in homers and OPS. The fact that he was routinely pitched around kept his run production numbers down and he didn't play for a contender which is why old school voters will keep him from winning, but he deserves to.


Will Win: Ryan Braun. Really nothing bad to say about him. He went 30-30 and led the league in OPS.

Should Win: Matt Kemp. Again, nothing against Braun, and to me this one is really really close, but despite not playing for a contender, Kemp was the best player in the NL this year. He had a ridiculous 10.0 WAR which led the majors. He trailed Braun in OPS by .006 but played his home games in a much, much tougher pitcher's park. He also was far better defensively and played a tougher position.

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