Reggie Opens His Big Mouth Again

The original Yankee Diva of the late 70s is up to his old tricks. 22 years after Martin dies he starts problems again.

"This team, it all flows from me. I'm the straw that stirs the drink. Maybe I should say me and Munson, but he can only stir it bad."

The above comment was made to SPORTS magazine writer during spring training 1977. Munson just won the American Most Valuable Player the year before.

Or how about the 06/18/77 incident in Boston. When Jackson loafed after the ball that Jim Rice hit and he got a double out of it. Martin sends Paul Blair out and Jackson comes screaming at him in the dugout.

Or how about 07/17/78 incident in Kansas City. When in the 10th inning Jackson went to bunt and Martin told him to swing away and he bunted anyway the Yankees wound up losing. Martin suspended Jackson for 4 games and benched him a 5th game. This was the start of the Yankee comeback in 1978 they won all 5 games. Reggie told a reporter after the 5th game he did not know why he was susspended or benched. Martin then made the comment that got him fired referring to Reggie and Steinbrenner:

"The two men deserve each other. One's a born liar, the other's convicted."

Or how about him crying in the outfield the game after Munson's Funeral. Munson never forgave him for that quote and Jackson always complained to Steinnbrenner about how Munson treated him. Him crying during the moment of silence before the game was a joke.

He was the original diva. He was TO before TO.

Ask Ron Leflore if he thinks Billy martin is a racist? Martin helped him get a parole and a tryout for the Tigers when he was the Tigers manager.

Martin might have been a drunk, loud mouth, with anger problems but to call him racist is a joke. All Martin cared about was winning he did not care if you were Black or White if you played the game and played it hard.

Reggie it is time to shut your mouth. You still have not learned that yet after 33 years.

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