New York Yankees News: Derek Jeter, Carl Pavano, Kevin Millwood

Here are a few New York Yankees notes for you on another snowy morning here in upstate New York.

Jeter's home is a castle, and ready for Yankees star to move in
After more than a year in the making, the House That Derek Jeter Built, the biggest home in Hillsborough County, is finished.

On Wednesday, Tampa's building department issued a certificate of occupancy for the famed Yankee shortstop who calls Tampa his permanent home.

The $7.7 million house dwarfs surrounding homes on Bahama Circle in Davis Islands.

Construction began on the 30,000-square-foot seven-bedroom, nine-bath mansion early last year.

Pavano appreciates Yankees GM 'sticking his neck out' -
"It shows a lot that he was going to stick his neck out there for me if something was going to work out," Pavano said of Cashman, according to the Associated Press.

My take: I still can't believe Brian Cashman was willing to do this again. Did he not learn anything from Pavano's first tour with the Yankees? Or even from his failed effort last season when he brought Javier Vazquez back for another try?

The Yankees and Bullpen Allocation | FanGraphs Baseball
The constitution of this bullpen is slightly startling. Mariano Rivera ($15M), Soriano ($11.5M), Damaso Marte ($4M), Pedro Feliciano ($4M), Joba Chamberlain ($1.4M), and Boone Logan ($1.2M) are all getting paid more than one million per. Once you add in another minimum salary (perhaps Romulo Sanchez, who is out of options), you’re looking at $34 million for the bullpen (and that’s counting Sergio Mitre‘s ~$1 million as a starter’s salary).

Could Boras hit the Bronx Trifecta? - Yankees Blog - ESPN New York
Scott Boras has already sold the Yankees a set-up man (Rafael Soriano) and a fourth outfielder (Andruw Jones). But the uber-agent isn't ready to call it an off-season. According to a baseball source, Boras has pitched 36-year-old right-hander Kevin Millwood as a possible rotation stopgap in the event Andy Pettitte doesn't come back -- and the Yankees have at least listened.

Yankees manager says Pettitte is prepared -
Yankees manager Joe Girardi offered a glimmer of hope Wednesday that Andy Pettitte might return to pitch for the team this season.

Girardi said he spoke with the veteran left-hander last week, and Pettitte has been throwing. Girardi said Pettitte just wants to be ready if he decides to pitch.

Andruw Jones, Hall Of Famer. I'm Only Mostly Joking. - From Our Editors -
On the day Andruw Jones made his long-anticipated major-league debut in 1996, my 14-year-old self ran to the computer and looked up the message boards at (it looked like this, and it was awesome). I was convinced that Jones was Ken Griffey the Third, and I vaguely remember trying to tell off someone who posted, simply: "Lets dont put Andruw in the Hall of Fame yet."

Seems Like Old Times For Yankees - SB Nation New York
A poetic look at Hal Steinbrenner's decision to overrule Brian Cashman on the Rafael Soriano signing.

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