Can Greg Golson Pitch?

Outfielder Greg Golson of the New York Yankees catches a fly ball in the 10th inning against the Tampa Bay Rays. His ensuing throw to third nailed Carl Crawford to end the Yankees' 8-7 victory. (Photo by J. Meric/Getty Images)

After Tuesday night's laser beam throw from right field to third base to nail a stunned Carl Crawford and end the Yankees' 8-7, 10-inning victory over Tampa Bay, I have one question.

Can Greg Golson pitch? I'm joking, sort of.

I mean, shoot, he throws the ball harder than Javier Vazquez. He seems to have a better idea where it's going when he turns it loose than, oh, A.J. Burnett or Sergio Mitre. Wouldn't it be more fun to watch Golson than, say, journeyman Dustin Moseley? Might even be more entertaining than watching Nick Swisher toss up softballs.

I know this much. No offense to Paul O'Neill, but that's gotta be the best throw from a Yankee rightfielder since the days of Jesse Barfield.

The Rays admitted they knew nothing about Golson before he let loose his unexpected missile to third base. They know now.

From Tampa Bay Online.

"I couldn't believe he was running," said Yankees catcher Jorge Posada, whose pinch-hit, moon-shot 423-foot homer off the roof of the center-field Batter's Eye Restaurant provided the winning margin in the top of the 10th inning. "It was the third out at third base. He would've scored (from second base) on a base hit. He doesn't need to get to third base, really."

"I honestly thought he (Golson) had no chance because he caught it with momentum going back to right field," Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez said. "But that was an awesome throw, tricky pickup, but a great throw. It was straight as an arrow."

Debate Crawford's decision all you want.

But in the Yankees' clubhouse, there was no debate over Golson's arm strength.

"I played long toss with him about a week ago and I could tell he had a cannon," Rodriguez said.

"We knew he had a good arm and he showed it," Posada said.

A walk-off throw. Not sure I have ever seen that before.

"I was thinking of a walk-off hit," Golson said. "But this was a walk-off throw. Usually when you throw and walk off, it's because you lost. I won't forget it."

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