Yankees Go Farming! Part 1A: More Pitching with Starters and Relievers

Continuing the on-going look at the Yankee's farm system, you can find more of our top prospects in the area of pitching after the jump.

Many thanks to my fellow community members for bringing more of the Yankee's prospects to my attention.

I accidentally published this before it was finished, so I will add to it until it's done (unless a Mod can unpublish it for me without deleting the whole thing).



Manuel Banuelos LHP (A+)

Age: 19

"Man Ban," as some have called him, has only started 6 games in 2010, for a total of 23.1 innings, with 4 of those starts in High A. Although he has had a late start due to being sidelined for an appendectomy at the beginning of the season, in this small sample size, he has acquired a pleasant 1.47 ERA and 23 strikeouts. Again, within the small sample size, his K ratio is 10.89 K/9 and his BB/9 is 2.61 (these are his High A numbers as well).

A look at his minor league career thus far, after being signed as a "non-drafted free agent" shows great potential: 43.1% GB, a nice low 14.4% LD, and only 7 HRs. His highest WHIP has been 1.03, back in low A Charleston in 2009, but he hasn't broken 1.00 since. Due to his age and only having thrown a total of 177.7 innings for his whole career, I suspect that the Yankees may be allowing him to develop while they figure out the best way to use him.

Scouting Report per Yankees Daily

Over all, Manny Banuelos is a solid prospect and some one to get excited about. He is mature beyond his years and has a remarkable combination of feel and poise that is uncanny for a kid his age. He shows the poise and composure of a pitcher from New York like that of an Andy Pettitte and Mariano Rivera and not a kid pitching for Charleston. Because of his small stature, I’m not sure how much better he can become but he will be in a big league rotation some day with the possibility of being a number two guy on the Yankees.




Graham Stoneburner RHP

Age: 23

Graham was a selection in the 2009 First Year Player draft, and has been promoted from Low A to High A after 7 strong starts with Charleston (40 IP, .194 BAA, 9.90 K/9, and 2.25 BB/9, in 40 innings). In Tampa, he's made 11 starts, and posted 61 innings pitched with a 0.186 BAA,  2.07 BB/9, and 8.56 K/9. Overall, he's got a 55.8% ground ball ratio, 10.5% line drive ratio, and a 30% fly ball ratio (which has a split of 6.3% being HRs and 13.9% being infield flies. Overall, he's amassed 102 strikeouts this year in 101 innings and a WHIP of .90 for 2010. I also find his 5.97 H/9 to be very promising.

This year is his first full season in the system, after making one appearance last summer (pitching 1 inning, posting 2 Ks). As I read on River Avenue Blues (linked below for his scouting report), Stoneburner lost two years of development due to injuries, missing his senior year of high school due to a back injury and his freshman year of college due to a torn ACL. His weakness would appear to be his fly ball ratio.  

Scouting Report per River Avenue Blues

Despite being somewhat undersized at 6′-1″ and 190 lbs, Stoneburner offers premium arm strength and life on his fastball. He’s shown the ability to sit at 94 with boring action in on righties with his heater, and can ramp it up even more when working in relief. His two secondary pitches – slider and a straight change – are average at best, though the changeup shows potential of being better. The biggest problem is consistency, as Stoneburner will pound the bottom of the zone relentlessly one day, then struggle to put the ball over the plate the next. After losing two crucial years of development due to injury, it’s just a matter of getting reps with pro instruction.

Stoneburner’s delivery is simple, easy to repeat,  and somewhat deliberate, which bodes well for future arm health. The arm action is just a bit long in the back, which will always hinder his command somewhat, but nothing extreme. He’s a very good athlete who ran track all throughout high school, and it allows him to field his position well and make adjustments mid-game. Other nuances like holding runners are things that will improve with experience.

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