Last December I posted a couple of trivia quizzes which met with whelming indifference.  But if you're like me, the next 3 days are the worst part of the season.  To help you through it, I have decided to post another trivia quiz.  As with the previous two, you have to know stuff about the Yankees, but no statistics or specific game knowledge is involved.   If I remember and no one has all the right answers, I will put them up Wednesday.

To score yourself, use these guidelines-  Too few correct, not a real fan. Too many correct, should seek professional help.   Have fun.

                                                           11/20 MARKER OF THE SEASON TRIVIA QUIZ

Rules: No google or wikipedia. No actual knowledge of anything that happened during a game required.

Part One - Movies.

Who played Babe Ruth in the following movies?

1) The Pride of the Yankees (1942, Lou Gehrig’s bio)?

2) The Babe Ruth Story (1948)

3) The Babe (1995)

4) What two Yankees starred in the movie "Safe at Home"

5) Who played the pitcher in "Field of Dreams" against whom Ray Kinsella (Kevin Costner) hits a sacrifice fly?


Part Two - Literature

Which Yankees wrote the following two books-

6) The Year I Owned the Yankees

7) I’m Glad You Didn’t Take It Personally

8) In which Ernest Hemingway novel does the title character devote his interior monologues to the worship of Joe Dimaggio?


Part Three- Real Life

9) This Yankee’s sister was a food critic for the New York Times while he was a Yankee player.

10) On Seinfeld, George Costanza held the position of "Assistant to the Traveling Secretary," which did not exist at the time. The Yankees created that position and hired who’s grandson to fill it?

11) Dave Winfield earned the eternal hatred of Toronto fans when he killed what?

12) The giant bat outside the former Yankee Stadium was not put there so you could meet Uncle Murray before the game. What was its actual purpose?

13) Who is the only Yankee on the roster born in New York City?

14) Of all the 3- brother combinations to have played in the majors, (like the 3 Molina brothers- Theodore, Yadier, and Alvin), the Yankees have had only one set in which all the brothers played for them. Name ‘em.

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