MVA: Most Valuable Asset (Non-Cervelli Division)

A couple weeks ago, there was a post on The Hardball Times about who was the most valuable asset in baseball today. The story discussed not who was the best player in baseball, that title (according to THT at least) belongs to Albert Pujols. A close second is Joe Mauer, who can be considered more valuable simply because of the age advantage he holds on Pujols as well as the fact that he plays a far more premium position. The latter reason suggests decline on Mauer's part though, catchers tend to peak earlier and rarely hit in their 30s the way they did in their mid to late 20s.

The article goes on to dismiss household names like Sabathia, Utley, Rodriguez, Halladay, and Ichiro, arguing that their advanced age will also deny them the chance to continue to put up their regular numbers a great deal longer.

A more realistic winner for "MVA" would be someone like Zach Greinke or Evan Longoria. That is, a young, proven superstar locked in with his team for a long time.

This got me thinking: Who is the "MVA" of the Yankees? It could be argued that Sabathia, Rodriguez, or Derek Jeter are the most important assets to our current team. What about a few years down the road though? Sabathia, Rodgriguez, Burnett, and Teixeira will all still be with the team, but some may not be as productive as others at that point.

It could be Robinson Cano, he's still relatively young and locked in with our team for quite some time. He plays a premium position with solid defense and was no doubt an important contributer on 2009's championship team.

It could even be Joe Girardi. Love him or hate him, he did contribute on our World Series win last year as well.

Maybe even Jesus Montero. Sure, he has yet to play a game past AA, but with the way his power numbers already are, many can see him making a huge impact in the Bronx in 2011 whether he's playing Catcher or Left Field.

Maybe it's not even a player at all. Perhaps it's just the aura of the Yankees. As one of cinema's greatest actors once said in a rather good movie no less: "You know why the Yankees always win?.... It's 'cause the other team can't stop staring at those damn pinstripes."

I was originally going to knock this poll down into a simple survey, but the amount of options seemed rather great, so I'll make it an open-ended question: who is the Most Valuable Asset* in the Yankees' freanchise today?


*As the title says, this of course does not include Francisco Cervelli. He was given that award years ago. This is more or less a consolation prize for the others.

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