My Idea for the Playoffs

With news still continuing to flow out that the powers that be in MLB still want to expand the playoffs, now is a perfect time as any to give my solution to the problem.

Now, I realize that despite what the MLB is saying, the bottom line is, that this is about money.  They want to add at least 4 more games, with the possibility for six more.  And it adds two more sets of fans watching the broadcasts and blah, blah, blah.  While, I'm sure they would like it if, for example this season, the Yankees and Rays fought it out all the way down the stretch instead of neither one seemingly able to take control, this is still more about money.

Here is my solution.  Just go back to two divisions per league. Keep the Divisional Series and the 4 playoff teams per league, but get rid of the third division, and go East/West allignment like it used to be.

The team that finishes first in their division will have homefield advantage against the team that finishes second.  Here's how it could've played out this year. (Note: I realize the schedules would be different if they only had 2 divisions, just stay with me here.)

AL East

  1. Tampa Bay(96-66)
  2. New York(95-67)
  3. Boston(89-73)
  4. Toronto(85-77)
  5. Detroit(81-81)
  6. Cleveland(69-93)
  7. Baltimore(66-96)

Al West

  1. Minnesota(94-68)
  2. Texas(90-72)
  3. Chicago(88-74)
  4. Oakland(81-81)
  5. Los Angeles(80-82)
  6. Kansas City(67-95)
  7. Seattle(61-101)

NL East

  1. Philadelphia(97-65)
  2. Cincinnati/Atlanta(91-71)
  3. Cincinnati/Atlanta(91-71)
  4. Florida(80-82)
  5. New York(79-83)
  6. Chicago(75-87)
  7. Washington(69-93)
  8. Pittsburgh(57-105)

NL West

  1. San Francisco(92-70)
  2. San Diego(90-72)
  3. St. Louis(86-76)
  4. Colorado(83-79)
  5. Los Angeles(80-82)
  6. Milwaukee(77-85)
  7. Houston(76-86)
  8. Arizona(65-97)

This would make the DS:

  • Tampa Bay vs. New York(Tampa has HFA)
  • Minnesota vs. Texas(Minnesota has HFA)
  • Philadelphia vs. Atlanta/Cincinnati(Philadelphia has HFA)
  • San Francisco vs. San Diego(San Francisco has HFA)

This would give no team an advantage to "not try as hard" in order to get a "weaker opponent" since you would be no change in who you face based on records.

Is it perfect. No. But there isn't any scenario that is. Everyone has some sort of flaw.

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