Rangers and Yankees... Who has the edge?

The easy answer would be the Rangers, as they are up 2-1 right now. But the Yankees are unlike any other team in baseball, so i feel it would be inaccurate to say that. I am going to look at the key events of this series, and say who I believe has the edge.


The Rangers have gotton three terrific pitching performances from Cliff Lee, CJ Wilson, and Colby Lewis. CC Sabathia and Phil Hughes did not have good outings for New York, but I believe Andy Pettitte stepped up big last night, though it was a loss. It showed the Yankees they do have pitching to beat Texas.

 The Rangers have to feel good knowing they can hit Sabathia and Hughes. But in all honesty, is Sabathia going to be hit that was again? I doubt it. I think Hughes might be a concern, as he always seems to allow that one big inning after the third. But with Pettitte looking good, and Sabathia still a rock, the Yankees can feel good.

 This is a must win game for the Yankees tonight, as they have an oppertunity vs Tommy Hunter. With AJ Burnett going as well, the Rangers probably want to jump on him. But Burnett can have great outings, and has a good playoff history.

I give the advantage here to the Rangers for now, but that may very well change.



I have to give this to the Yankees right now. To comeback down five runs in the sixth is incredible, and that is one reason I cannot give the Rangers the edge in this series. The Yankees comeback better than anyone I have ever seen.

 The Rangers have hit well in this series, but what you might not know is Josh Hamilton is batting under .200 this series.

Advantage: Yankees


It's another obvious advantage for the Yankees here. They did not pitch well last night, but that was mainly David Robertson.

 The Rangers bullpen imploded to surrender a five run lead. That is inexcusable, so Yankees advantage again.


I don't believe one team has an edge in this series. If the Rangers win tonight, they obviously will. Even though it would be tied, if the Yankees win, do they have an advantage? It should be interesting to see what happens tonight.

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