ALCS Game 3: Yankees 0, Rangers 8

How do you get upset over losing a game that was basically decided by one hanging breaking ball in the top of the first inning? Both pitchers were brilliant, and the Yankees lost.

Let's try a one sentence game recap.

Yankee Thesaurus:

Cliff Lee: bulletproof, impassable, impregnable, indomitable, insuperable, inviolable, invulnerable, irresistible, powerful, strong, unassailable, unattackable, unbeatable, unconquerable, undefeatable, unsurmountable, untouchable , unyielding

Andy Pettitte: baronial, brilliant, eminent, exalted, glorious, grand, grandiose, high-minded, high-ranking, highfalutin', honorable, imposing, impressive , lofty, lordly, magnificent, majestic, monumental, pompous, regal, resplendent, stately, superb, venerable

TBS Broadcast: adulator, backscratcher, backslapper, bootlicker, brownnoser, doormat, fan, fawner, flatterer, flunky, groupie, groveler, handshaker, hanger-on, lackey, minion, parasite, puppet, slave, sychophant

Josh Hamilton: assault, bash, beat, break, bruise, buffet, clobber, contuse, cripple, crush, dash, deface, demolish, destroy, disable, disfigure, drub, hurt, injure, lacerate, lambaste, lame, lash, mangle, mar, maul, mutilate, pelt, pommel, pound, pummel, punish, ruin, shatter, smash, thrash, wallop

Yankees' Offense: clammed up, close, close-mouthed, could hear a pin drop, dumb, hushed, hushful, inaudible, low, low-pitched, muffled, mute, muted, noiseless, not saying boo, quieted, reserved, reticent, silent, soft, soundless, speechless, still, stilled, taciturn, tight-lipped, uncommunicative, unexpressed, unspeaking, unuttered, whist

Buoyed by a bruising first inning drive, the sychophants spent the rest of the game glorifying the indomitable one while ignoring the equally impressive performance of the venerable pinstriped pitcher; while the baseball world salivated over Halladay-Lincecum, one pitch put the Yankees on the wrong side of a gem.

Play of the Game: Hamilton's homer- nothing else was close.

Comments of the Game: lolol, Ozone, longtimelistener, nyyrocks29

Write your own one sentence recap (put Recap in the title), and I'll give COGs to the best ones in the morning.

Recap COGs: DukBudr for mocking the mainstream, Jedi Master Arod for nailing the emotional state of Yankee Universe, .5 a COG for WhatWouldJeterDo, jigglytuffy and Kevin L for the best tandem, Branta for the optimism, The Champs Are Here for going there.

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