The Sox are Over Rated

I have never been a guy that put much stock in determining the success of a baseball team by looking at the schedule. In football the schedule can tell you something.  In baseball it's a non issue. There are too many games played. Having said that I have noticed a trend. The Red Sox have missed the better pitchers in the league, the aces if you will.

I don't think I'm reaching here. Playing the Mets with Santana on the mound is playing a completely different game then if you face Redding.  I am not making excuses either. I am just making an observation. An observation that suggests the Sox aren't as good as their record would indicate. I trend that I hope won't comntinue and if the start of the second half is an indicator, it won't.

Did you know that yesterday was the first time the Red Sox saw Halladay this season. It was the final game of the third series when they finally got to see the ace.

Played Detroit didn't see Verlander or Jackson

Played Kansas City didn't see Greinke (Yanks missed him too)

Played the Phillies without seeing Hamels or Myers

Played Mets but didn't face Santana

Played Anaheim with no Lackey

Kazmir and lost

Millwood and lost

King Felix and lost

Cliff Lee and lost

Halladay and lost 


If you add that up. You are talking9 different series the Red Sox played without seeing that particulars team best guy. It's like beating the Colts without Manning, The Pats without Brady

I will say one thing. The Red Sox are winning the games they are supposed to win. The Red Sox are obviously a contender and one of the better teams in the league.  However I won't be surprised ifthe next time the Yankees take over first it's no looking back. I can see the Yankees winning in a walk before I see the Sox distance themselves. The Yankees are better than they were last year, and the red Sox aren't. No Manny and Bay coming back down to earth. Take Bay out of their line up the first two months of the season like the Yanks with no ARod and the Sox are battling the birds right now.

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