A-Rod Fails To Impress

Alex Rodriguez had yet another opportunity to come completely clean yesterday, and he once again failed miserably. The press conference held in Tampa Bay was just another rehearsed, publicly displayed joke to the American public. Yes, he revealed some new information to this on going drama, but he still left way too much to be desired from truth seekers nation wide.



A-Roid failed to charm me with his lame smile and faked emotions. I was not impressed by his dramatic pause when mentioning his teammates. Anyone that couldn’t see through this pathetic poor acting job obviously wasn’t watching the same press conference as the rest of the sports world. It just was very aggravating to see Alex walking into this press conference smiling and joking around with whatever colleague of his, walking aside him. Yes, I do know he feels bad, but it’s only for getting caught. There is no way this guy lost any sleep over this big baseball controversy that he has found himself knee deep in.


The fact that there were no follow-up questions allowed in this press conference basically made this whole media occasion a big shenanigan.  Without giving the media the proper opportunity to question Rodriguez there was rarely any confrontations or deeper digging to push for further truths. Alex could really have been replaced with a soundboard up there as all of his responses lead to the same drawn out responses. The constant referrals to the Culture and being young, stupid and naïve and so on and so on got old real quick. Forget about being 24 or 25, Alex because you looked just as stupid yesterday.


To say that he didn’t know if the substances were working or if he was taking it properly is yet another baffling statement made by Rodriguez. Lets not forget that he took these performance-enhancing drugs for over three years at the least. If they weren’t showing signs of working would Alex really have continued to use them over and over? Would he have hid these actions from everyone if he felt that he wasn’t doing anything wrong or illegal? These common sense views of his performance enhancing drug usages are clear and Alex had to step up and just say I cheated. Admit to it and say he did it to get the upper hand on his opposition and get the best of his body and performance. Admit that he knew everything he was doing and that he straight up lied. No sugar coating and phony bogus excuses that make us all laugh in disbelief. But Alex didn’t man up. He decided to damage control and play dumb.


This also wasn’t the time to bring your generosity and future donation plans to prevent steroid usage for minors into the equation. Don Hooten and his foundation are something that obviously needs to be honored and respected, but it was a bad move to publicly try to impress us and make yourself look honorable. That should have been saved for a whole other time and place.


The only progress that was really made in this press conference is the fact that he admitted to injection and threw another main character to the story with this mysterious cousin. Who knows if this character even exists, but we will find out soon enough as the whole media world has started the search party already, and it won’t be long till they dig up proof of another lie from A-Roid.


When questioned if he would do anything more to prove himself with more stricter and frequent testing, Alex responded saying something along the lines of, “baseball is doing a fine job,” and “ that there is no need to do that.” I still think he had a tremendous opportunity to become a pioneer to Major League Baseball. I understand he has obligations to the Players Union, but look where that has gotten him and the sport currently. Rodriguez could have made history and subjected himself to further testing preferably blood, that would not only clear his name currently of any growth hormone controversy, but would have been a huge step to an extreme change in the awful condition MLB is in with their well overrated drug testing system.


I have nothing against Alex as a person as I have always respected him for who he is, but his credibility and status as a baseball player has dropped significantly. He can basically guarantee himself even more attention and criticism in this upcoming season, and if he thought the past year or two has been rough, he better get ready for the next few. His mishandling of his mistakes will force him to pay the price from so many different angles in the near future, as the real stress has yet to begin for him.



Is it asking too much to just want to hear the truth? If Alex thinks that this press conference put an end to his time in the spotlight for his steroid usage, he is in for a rude awakening in the near future. It won’t be long till he is up at the podium again with yet another part of the story he forgot to mention, and it’s a shame that we are all going to have to go for the ride with him and other superstars for many years to com

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