Why the Phillies Can't Hang

By now we've all seen the story about Phillies pitcher Brett Myers confronting teammate Cole Hamels after Game 5 because of Hamels' comments about wanting the season to be over. The two downplayed the incident yesterday, saying was just a joke and that they are the bet of friends. Yes, we all believe you, Brett & Cole. I'm sure this won't be a distraction hanging over the team's head as they head into tonight's game. The one thing that hit me (no pun intended) about this incident, is that this is the type of event that would NEVER take place in the Yankees clubhouse at this point in the season.

First off, "I can't wait for the season to end" would never be muttered from the mouth of a Yankee player going into to Game 6 of the World Series -- Let alone it be muttered from the mouth of the guy slated to pitch a possible Game 7!!! But more importantly (and obvious), Brett Myers would not have the 9 lives the Phillies have given him despite his struggles on-the-field and in his personal life.

I'm not completely cold-hearted and do think guys should have 2nd chances when they make mistakes. We've seen players from the past struggle with alcohol abuse, drug addiction and steroids and the organization and its fans have stood behind them. However, when is too much for the Phillies & Brett Myers. He's always had great stuff and was considered the makings of a top of the line starting pitcher since he came up in 2002, however he's never truly fulfilled that potential.

Aside from not quite living up to expectations, he's been even less consistent since the incident with his wife in June 2006. Since then, he's been bouncing back and forth between the bullpen, the disabled list and even the minor leagues. Far from where Phillies fans though he would be if they'd be asked in 2003 or 2004. Now the only impact he's having in the World Series is presenting a giant distraction for his team as they try to come back. You really have to question why the Phillies organization has kept him around after everything they've been through with him.

My question is this: If Brett Myers came up through the Yankees system and had a similar career, how do you think the team would have handled him?

Also, for comedy's sake, he's one interpretation of the incident between Myers & Hamels after Game 5:



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