Offseason Plan

A few others have put theirs so here's mine. It may be a little dull, but stick with what works, right?

Rotation: C.C., A.J., Pettitte, Joba, Hughes. Non-tender Wang and re-sign him for 2.5 mil or so. Let Hughes pitch as a regular starter until the all-star break and then move him to the pen and let Wang take his spot. I'd rather not sign Lackey for a couple of reasons. First, I want Joba and Hughes to both get a fair shot in the rotation. Second, I like the free agent pitching market better in 2011. Halladay or Beckett anyone? In case of injuries we have Ian Kennedy and Zach McAllister in AAA ready to get a shot.

If Pettitte retires, which I hope he doesn't, I don't think we need a star, just a solid #3. I'm not a fan of Jarrod Washburn or Randy Wolf for multiple years, but I think the Royals would give up Gil Meche pretty easily and he's only got 2 years left on his contract.

Infield: We literally have the best all-around infield in the history of baseball. No changes necessary. Let Pena be the full-time utility guy.

Outfield: I'd like to bring both Damon and Matsui back, preferably for 1 year each. Unfortunately I think Damon will require 2, which is ok, but if someone offers more than that I'd let him go. Realistically: Damon 2 yrs/18 mil. Matsui: 1 year/6.5 mil. If either Damon or Matsui walk I'd bring back Xavier Nady on a 1 year deal rather than go for Halladay or Bay who I just don't think are worth the contracts they're going to get. I'd give A-Jax a chance to make the team in spring training and let him share time there with Melky.

Catcher: Yes, we'd all like to see Posada DH more but it's not going to happen because we don't, and won't have a backup capable of catching 60 games. Anyone who's good enough to catch 60 for us is good enough to catch 120 for another team given how weak catching is around the majors. I'd let Molina go and make Cervelli the backup.

Bullpen: It would be nice to sign a Rafael Soriano to set up Mo, but he's going to get a closer job somewhere so it's unrealistic. I think the combo of Robertson, Coke, Aceves, Marte can hold the fort down until Hughes joins them late in the season. Non tender Bruney. Non-tender Gaudin because it'd be silly to pay 3 mil for a long man, but try and bring him back for less in that role. Give Mark Melancon a shot to win the final bullpen spot.

So there you go. It wouldn't be a very exciting offseason, but we just won 103 games and the World Series. Do we need an exciting offseason?

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