Major League Predictions

Not that anyone would care but here is my take on this season.


American League East


Red Sox (wild card)

Blue Jays



Why not?  The Yankees and Red Sox are both championship caliber teams.  As someone on the front page pointed out, the Red Sox were injury free last year while the Yanks were plagued with injuries.  Cano will be an MVP candidate and the trinity will be good for 40 wins.  The Sox will be formidable but if Beckett breaks down, their rotation is worse than the Yankees.  The Blue Jays should consider petitioning for a second wild card because their chances of making the playoffs under the current format are limited.  The Rays will improve but we are talking 75 wins, not 85.  The Orioles are awful but at last seem to be rebuilding and I love their new outfield (Makarkis, Jones, Scott).

American League Central






Everyone loves Detroit but their bullpen is a disaster. They will score runs and Verlander will win the Cy Young but they will lose a lot of 8-7 heartbreakers on nights he is not starting.  Cleveland will see improvement from Sizemore and Hafner and has a deep staff and should sneak another division win.  KC will be improved but will finish in third more because of Chicago and Minnesota 's declines.  The Twins are going to miss Santanna and the Chisox are going to miss winning 70 games.

American League West





I came very close to picking Oakland in an upset here because of the injuries to Lackey and Escobar.  The A's will be better then expected but the big question is whether it will keep them from dealing Harden, Blanton and Street.  Meanwhile the Angels amble along and win the division with 86-88 wins.  Seattle will regress to their Pythagorean norms which will negate the pickup of Bedard.  Texas will give up a lot of runs . . . like maybe 1000.

National League East






The Mets will push 100 wins with the best rotation in the NL.  Their lineup has weak spots though and top pitchers will give them headaches.  This won't be an issue until the postseason when they see Arizona.  The Phillies have no 4th and 5th starters and the Braves have finally lost their mystique.  The number of starting pitchers on Florida and Washington who could start for the Mets is approximately zero.  At least the Marlins have Hanley Ramirez and a future with Andrew Miller and Cameron Maybin.

National League Central



Everyone else (Cincinnati, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Houston in that order).

Ugh.  The Cubs will be decent.  The Brewers will be ok if their pitchers stay healthy.  Everyone else will stink.  The Blue Jays would be favorites in this division.  The Mariners would contend.  You get the point.

National League West


Dodgers (wild card)




Arizona won this division with mirrors but now has Dan Haren to help Brandon Webb.  No more mirrors needed.  The Dodgers have too much talent to miss the playoffs again.  Besides it means Joe Torre gets to come back to New York for the first round.  The Rockies and Padres will be decent and contend all year.  The Giants may be worse than even the teams in the Central.



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