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AL East:

Red Sox (wild card)
Blue Jays
Devil Rays

Boring.  The way the division has gone 7 of the last nine years.  While I am a bit nervous about the Yankee rotation, I like the bullpen as the best since the Nelson/Stanton peak and the lineup as a potentially great one.  Boston may be the second best team in the league, particualrly if Dice K lives up to the hype.  Toronto will regress and Baltimore and Tampa will improve but not by enough to pass Toronto.

AL Central

Kansas City

With Sizemore, Hafner, Martinez, the Cleveland lineup rivals NY and Boston.  The injury to Lee is worrisome but the bullpen is improved as should be their luck.  Detroit will fight Boston/NY for the wild card but the Rogers injury kills them.  Minnesota is committing hari kiri (sp?) starting Silva, Ponson, and Ortiz over the kids.

AL West


When was the last time this division was so weak. I pick the Angels by default but dread them in a division series in October.  The Rangers will surprise but the post-Showalter benefit goes only so far.  This is the weakest A's team of the Beane era.

NL East

Mets (wild card)

Non-east coasters will hate this but I wouldn't be surprised by Boston-Yankee and Braves-Mets championship series.  Hudson is back and Chuck James will be a solid third starter behind a strong lineup.  The Mets need another starter or two or three but their hitters are the best in the NL.  Philly's rotation strikes me as a mile wide and an inch deep.  The Nationals have the potential to be historically bad.

NL Central

St. Louis

Is it possible for an entire division to finish at 81-81 (ok except Cincinnati).  This division is  a crapshoot so might as well pick a team that hasn't sniffed the postseason in a generation.  The Brewers kids grow up and the pitchers are solid.  The Cards just got too lucky last October.    Pittsburgh will surprise

NL West

Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco

The Dodgers just have too much talent to make up for their stupid offseason signings (Garciaparra and Gonzales, not Schmidt).  San Diego will fight for the division and the wild card but their lineup has too many holes.  I like Arizona a lot but too many kids have to do well.  It could happen.  

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